Dewvest Social Impact

DEWVEST / Dewvest Social Impact

Thuthukisa Trust

The Dewvest ethos is underscored by the Thuthukisa Trust (Grace in Action), the brainchild of Stephan de Waal. The Thuthukisa Trust has a 10% stake in Dewvest and profits are utilised to benefit the greater community, support AIDS orphans, empower students from disadvantages backgrounds and teach street vendors commercial skills in partnership with the Paradigm Shift Group.

Public Spaces

Dewvest has partnered with local municipalities and the City of Cape Town on several occasions to upgrade public areas where they have undertaken projects. The upgrading of the Hafele public open space opposite the Fontijn on Newhaven development is a prime example. Assisting the Somerset West Village Community Garden with the upgrading and repositioning of their gardens is an ongoing project we’re currently involved with.

South Africa

We are passionate about South Africa; evident from our track record of continued investment in local projects with regional impact. Dewvest places strong emphasis on local job creation, upliftment of the community and the economic health of the region and the country at large. MD Bertus de Waal is often quoted as saying; “We’re here to stay- therefore we have to make it work!”